We are incredibly proud to have the grassroots support of:



The Washington State Progressive Caucus

The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle

Our Revolution - Ballard

The 1st District Democrats

The 30th District Democrats

The 31st District Democrats

The 33rd District Democrats

The 36th District Democrats

The 37th District Democrats

The 43rd District Democrats

The 46th District Democrats

The 47th District Democrats




Federal Way City Council Member Jesse Johnson

The Hon. Carol Schapira (Ret.)

KL Shannon, Community Advocate

Ari Kohn, Champion for Principle and Integrity (personal capacity endorsement)


Stay tuned as we continue to build our campaign in community and post additional endorsements.  We are not running this campaign to obtain the endorsements of those who support the youth jail, the imprisonment of children, money bail, mass incarceration, waste and delay, or systemic coercion.  We do not tolerate systemic racism and police violence as the order of the day.  We do not take campaign contributions from the bail bond industry or developers.  We intend to win this election by holding ourselves and our institutions accountable to community.